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"Through powerful storytelling, Dr. Mahdavi shows us how to bring innovation to fruition. For those of us who have been doing this kind of work for most of our careers, this book will serve as an enjoyable read and reminder, especially, not to make assumptions and to be practical. For those ‘inno-preneurs’, especially, this book will provide you with real-world learning about what you need to do to take your brilliant ideas to fruition. And for those who teach business, or consult, this book will become an invaluable resource to you and those whom you guide.” , highlighting the transformative nature of "Mastering Commercial Innovation."

- Barri Blauvelt, CEO of Innovara, a leading global healthcare business and management development firm

I am not knowledgeable in commercialisation and finances and have some experience in innovation as a researcher. This book introduced me to basic notions of commercial innovation to the importance of organisational culture. I enjoyed reading the book not only for what it taught me but also because it is beautifully written and very easy to understand. It is written in a 'novel' style and very captivating. I learned a lot and I am sure everybody reading the book being experts or non-experts will enjoy the reading but, above all, will benefit from the concepts elaborated.

- Jean Lessard

"A thoroughly refreshing and innovative narrative that disseminates the important cornerstones for creating a successful commercial innovation structure and culture within an organisation. Accompany Kevin on his journey as he identifies the roadblocks to establishing commercial innovation as a successful engine for company growth through living with him the different scenarios he faces. Learn how he approaches, interprets and breaks down the challenges; and then articulates the solutions in a way that achieves buy-in from all stakeholders. A useful treatise for anyone looking to embed commercial innovation into an organisation's DNA, where perhaps innovation is not well understood, it's purpose not properly defined or is poorly implemented and disfunctional. This book guides the reader through all the concepts needed to create an environment where, through the introduction of the "TMF" paradigm, commercial innovation is a continual cycle of activities; and where all the necessary elements to achieving a balanced rationalisation at both a project and portfolio level are expertly conveyed to achieve ongoing company prosperity and provides an alternative approach to the more traditional stage and gate open innovation model"

- Andrew Parker

Great read from a biotech industry leader: Behzad has forgotten more about how to drive innovation than most biotech industry people ever learned! I like the way he used his hands on experiences to show how innovation is a process that is accessible and repeatable. He used easy to understand models and took the reader on a compelling journey. A must read for anyone in biotech innovatio

- Fiona Fitzegerald

about the author

Dr. Behzad Mahdavi is a strategic growth business leader known for his expertise in developing successful, patient-centric business growth strategies across biopharma, and having a passion for advancing innovative technologies in cell and gene therapy, personalized medicine, synthetic biology, and the life sciences.

With over 20 years of senior leadership experience at companies such as Lonza, Catalent Biopharma Solutions, and Ginkgo Bioworks, Dr. Mahdavi has a proven track record of driving innovative strategies that generate remarkable sales and sustainable value growth in emerging market segments.

In addition to his leadership roles, Dr. Mahdavi has made significant contributions as a member of multiple Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Holding a PhD in chemistry and an MBA in business administration, Dr. Mahdavi is a sought-after advisor for technology start-ups and large companies seeking help with fundraising, strategic business development, innovation management, sales expansion, and disruptive technology commercialization.

Behzad Mahdavi, Ph.D., MBA

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